10 Things You Should Know About Lenora

Lenora Bell - Author Photo

  1. She’s from a tiny town in Alaska and a moose followed her home from school once.
  2. Her debut novel, CHARLENE AND THE DUCHESS FACTORY, will be published by Avon in May of 2016.
  3. She has something fun in common with Nora Roberts…she married her contractor/carpenter as well.
  4. One of her most treasured possessions is a white lace day dress from her Swiss great-grandmother, also named Lenora.
  5. She’s a karaoke fanatic and musical theatre junkie, and she used to be a lounge singer in China.
  6. Her bucket list includes recording an alt-country album on vinyl with her banjo-playing hubby.
  7. She knows how to order cocktails in six languages. ¡Me gustaría un mojito por favor!
  8. She thinks the world would be a happier place if everyone read more romance novels.
  9. She can’t decide what color her hair should be.
  10. She would adore receiving an email from you!

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Millinery Mayhem

Posted at Jan 17, 2015 6:28 pm in , , ,

Q: What saved the beaver from near extinction?
A: The silk worm–silk replaced beaver felt in hat making in the mid-1900’s.


Q: Who was the first person to wear a fedora?
A: Audacious actress Sarah Bernhardt donned a felted hat with a pleat down the middle in her starring role in the play Fédora in 1882 and fashion history was made. Bernhardt admirer Oscar Wilde began rocking a fedora the same year.


These are some of the fun hat facts collected by the world’s largest millinery museum in Portland, Oregon. I’m taking a private tour of the museum tomorrow with fellow 2014 Golden Heart award finalist Jillian Lark.  

I love doing historical research for my novels in person! I’ll be back soon with fabulous millinery pics.





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